aku ada baca satu blog ni..ada ja kat link salah sorg membe aku..ummm.pelik..dia punya post suma pasai love! love! cita sedih2 lah..biasalah,nama pon emo kn? hehe..tapi cita ni paling sweet yg aku baca kat blog dia..comel!
Boy: hi <3
Girl: haii cutie<3
Boy: i miss you <3
Girl: aww me too <3*kiss*
Boy: what are you doing *kiss*
Girl: im watching something about weddings on tv, looking at how pretty girls are in their dresses
Boy: *puppy face* ok <3
Girl: what are you doing baby?
Boy: ...nothing i'm bored and little sad
Girl: aww why are you sad?<3
Boy: i feel so alone and away of life,i'm so closed in me :(
Girl: aww baby please be happy
i dont like it when you are sad, it makes me sad
i wish i could be with you so i can make you happy
Boy: aww*puppy face* ok..i want to be there with you... <3
Girl: why dont you go out with firends and have fun?<3
Boy: because i don't have more friends and many is false...more " friends " talk about me behind my back..and many others
Girl: aww im sorry, that is not nice :/
i hate people like that. have you told them you dont like it when they talk about you behind your back?
Boy: when are not with them .. and i'm with others friends outside.
Boy: i want to be there you you,because you're not like them...
Girl: yeah baby, i dont talk about people behind their back. i say everything to their face whether or not its good or bad
Boy: what hour is there?
Girl: it is 8:30 at night
Boy:nice *puppy face* here is 6:36 am and i can't sleep
Girl: aww im sorry sweetie
Boy: what happen if do something bad ?
Girl: like what?
Boy: cut
Girl: no no no dont you even think about that >.<
Boy: but why *puppy face*
Girl: because thatll make me sad and cutting doesnt make anything better
Girl: i love you sweetie,please dont cut
Boy: ok, i love you too <3


Girl: Good <3 *kiss*
Boy: i think i'll try to sleep..you mind? *puppy face*
Girl: its okay baby, get some rest<3
Boy: ok<3
Boy: good night and sweet dreams sleep tight i love you a lot <3 <3 *kiss,hugs* i love you don't forget
Boy: goodbye my love<3
Girl: <3 i will never forget that baby,goodbye.
hihi ^.^* just my best girlfriend.

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